Demonstrating safety in the communities where we work


CHS now has more than 100 ResponsibleAg certified facilities from its CHS Country Operations and CHS Agronomy divisions. Out of all U.S. fertilizer facilities receiving this certification, CHS represents 12 percent of the total.

ResponsibleAg was started in 2014 to assist agribusinesses as they sought to comply with federal environmental, health, safety and security rules regarding the safe handling and storage of fertilizer products. The rigorous application process includes a checklist of more than 320 questions about federal regulatory requirements. To be certified as a ResponsibleAg facility, locations must be 100 percent compliant with the entire checklist.

“We strongly believe in defending the value of our owners’ assets,” said Pete Mutschler, director, Environment, Health and Safety, CHS Country Operations, and secretary of the ResponsibleAg Board of Directors. “We feel we are doing a very good job of managing fertilizer in a responsible way and felt strongly about joining an organization that will verify that we are doing things in the right way. ResponsibleAg gave us the actions we needed to back up our words. It also demonstrates to the communities in which we operate that we value their relationships as neighbors.”

CHS Ag Services based out of Warren, Minn., has 18 of 19 agronomy facilities certified through ResponsibleAg.

“It gives us another chance to look through our facilities from a different perspective,” said Bernie Perrault, safety coordinator, CHS Ag Services. “Talking with all of the location managers, they have actually picked up a few items that we probably never would have looked at before. It’s been a good learning experience.”

CHS sought out certification as a way to show its owners how serious the co-op is about safety and protecting the value of owners’ assets.

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