CHS South Central Announces Harvest Hours

As small grain harvest continues & the row crops are on the horizon, we wanted to share the latest harvest hours and news for CHS South Central. As always, these hours are subject to change due to weather, etc. Please call before you haul to be certain.

  • Weekend of Oct. 13 – 14: Sterling, Napoleon, Hazelton & Wishek open Saturday 7am – 6pm & Sunday 10am – 6pm. We will stay open if you plan on harvesting but ask that you please contact each location for their particular harvest hours. Sterling: 387-4506, Napoleon: 754-2573, Wishek: 452-2336, Hazelton: 782-4123.
  • We will extend hours by location if you are harvesting.

Please stay in contact with your local station to let us know if you need us to stay late or come in earlier.

Spring Wheat & Winter Wheat remain Cash Only, New DP Programs on Corn & Soybeans..

We’re here to serve you and appreciate your continued patronage. Thank you and please be safe during harvest season.

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